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We provide high-quality salt and excellent customer service to ensure your complete satisfaction while saving you money.


Salt Works is the leading provider of salt in the West. We offer a variety of products and services, including pure extra-course salt, fine grade salt, iodized salt, colbalt iodized salt, pellet salt, pool salt, and more. And we provide salt for a variety of different applications, which include water treatment, industrial water softening, and dairy type applications.

But we are much more than just a Phoenix salt company. We also provide several minerals and chemicals to help you provide the best maintenance and care to meet your agricultural needs, whether it be for a family-owned farm or a large corporate firm. Some of the products we provide specifically for farm and animal use include Big 6 Trace Mineral, which is great for weight gain, feeding efficiencies, and overall performance, and Hi-Salt for improved feed utilization, animal growth, and optimal reproduction.

At Salt Works, we are also committed to providing you with excellent customer service. Whether you need your salt in Phoenix, Arizona, or in Southern California, we will deliver your order of salt and other products right to your door. We can deliver your salt on a regular schedule to ensure that you always have what you need, load the salt, and even test water hardness for you. And we can ship salt in bulk (both dry and liquid), block, or in packages, and there is no extra fee to haul back unused products.

And no order is too large or too small. Whether you’re a small local organization or a large nationwide company, our variety of truck sizes and product services offer you the best services available for your specific needs.

Salt Works carries Morton Salt products, which are NSF certified. Please contact us for further details on the certified products we offer. So when you order salt from us, you can be confident that you will be getting the best product on the market.